Apr 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 Letter

So things have been going really well here in Roswell.  Like I said last week we are now in a three-some.  Sister Sainsbury, Sister Robinson and myself are just having some amazing experiences here.  We are starting to find so many new investigators and we are trying to set some baptismal dates with quite a few of them.  One of the most amazing things about our new investigators is that they have almost all come from member referrals.  It's amazing how much easier the work can become when you have the support of the members.  I love that we have such a mission-minded ward.  Everyone is just so willing to come teaching with us, helping to fellowship those around us, and just help to find those that are ready to hear the gospel.  It's just amazing!! 

One thing that I have really learned a lot about since Sister Sainsbury got here is about prayer!  I mean, I've always known how important prayer can be...but she has really helped me to see how much we really need it.  As missionaries we pray ALL the TIME!!!  Ha Ha We pray in the morning, at meals, before study, after study, before companionship study, after companionship study, before and every time we leave the house, before bed, etc....  So to me, I felt like we were already praying a lot.  Little did I know, you can always pray more.  One of the cool experiences that we had this week with prayer had to do with one of our new investigators Daniel M.  He is in is 50's and we just weren't really sure how committed he was to his appointments.  We figured we would give him the benefit of the doubt.  So on our way home for the night we stopped and Brother Chamber's home (he's a member)  and asked if he would be willing to come to Daniels appointment with us the next day.  Brother Chambers explained to us that him and his wife would be going out of town that next morning and wouldn't be able to make it.  We said that we would just try to catch him for a different time.  Well then we continued throughout the night.  When we finished with our next appointment we looked at our phone and we had a message.  It was from Brother Chambers, he told us that him and his wife would postpone their vacation so that he could come with us.  We were just at a stand still.  We didnt know what to do.  On one hand we really would love someone to come to the appointment, and Brother Chambers would be the perfect fellowship.  But on the other had we weren't sure how reliable Daniel would be, and we wouldn't want Brother Chambers to cancel his vacation for the appointment to just fall through.  After sitting their debating with each other for about ten minutes, Sister Sainsbury suggested that we pray about it.  For a second I hesitated, because I didn't want to be the crazy intense kind of missionary who prays for EVERY SINGLE DECISION.  but then I had to ask my self..."Sister Tracy, why are you here? Who are you serving?  and why would you not be willing to pray for something so simple?"  I realized that my pride was getting in the way of the Lords work. That we could only gain from praying to know what to do.  So, we parked on the side of the road and prayed to know what to do.  After the prayer we all just sat in silence trying to think and listen for those answers, that we knew could come.  Almost in unison Sister Sainsbury and I said, "I feel good about it!"  We called and confirmed the appointment with Brother Chambers.  The next day we all met up at Daniels house, and not only had he kept his commitment to be at the appointment, but he had also read all of 1 Nephi and payed to know that it was true!!!  He said he loved  it and couldn't get enough! It also turns out that Brother Chambers was even more perfect for Daniel then we could have ever imagined!!  They had so much in common and Brother Chambers was able to share is conversion story, and how it was the book of mormon that helped him make the decision. It is amazing to see how the Lord will provide the way.  Sometimes we just need to have the faith and then be willing to pray to know where to go and how to serve.  It was a little thing, but all of us saw it as the miracle that it was!

I love it here on my mission.  I love seeing those little miracles every single day!  I am so thankful for the gospel in my life!   I know this is right where I need to be!  I miss you all and love you tons!  I can't wait to call home and talk to you all next week!!

Love Ya Forever,

Sister Tracy!

Apr 21, 2011

April 21, 2011 - Letter

I had my first baptism this week.    Chery Sales got baptized on April 16!  I have never seen anyone more happy!  It's amazing to see how far she has come.  I just love missionary work!  The other baptism we had didn't go through, but we are still working with Daniel.  Also we have a date set for the two sisters Neira and Mimi.  There date is set for the 30th, but it is also prom day so we might end up pushing it back for the next week.

I still can't believe how fast time flys by!  It's already the start of my third transfer.  I was possitive that I was getting transfered.  I had over heard the zone leaders talking about it and everything.  Well guess what...I'm staying in Roswell for at least another 6 weeks!! :)  and to top it off we got a third companion!!  Her name is Sister Sainsbury!  She is from Murry, Utah and is so funny.  Both her and Sister Robinson were MTC companions.  So now they are reunied.  They both go home in three months.  So who knowns what wil happen.  They just might keep me here forever so I can show the new sisters that come to roswell the area.

well our big focus in the mission right now is faith!!!  The average amount of baptisms a month here is 40.  We have never beat 42.  Well President Robison had a conference with some of the 70, and twelve apostles. Elder Ballard told him that if we had faith we could baptize in the upper 80s!!!!  So we all fasted as a mission last week so that we could start working towards that goal.  In the next month we want to hit 50!  It would be a mission high.  One thing that really stuck out to me is something that President told us on a conference call.  He said, "Hope is the faith that if we act now miracles will occur!"  What a true statement!  I know that if we can all just build our faith, miracles really will occur in our lives!  I love this gospel so much.  It has changed my life in so many different ways.  I am thankful for the chance that I have been given to serve a mission!  I miss and love you all so much!

Love Forever,

Sister Tracy

Apr 17, 2011

April 14, 2011 Letter

It's crazy how fast time flies by!!!  This is the last week of our transfers!  I will know on Monday (18th) if I am staying or leaving.  I really hope I stay here, but I feel like I might end up being transfered.  I know that no matter where I go though it will be awesome.  So far we haven't had any baptisms, but Cheryl Sales gets baptized on Saturday!!!  I am so excited for her!!!  She went out of town this week and comes come tonight.  So yesterday my companion and I went and Chalked her entire driveway saying things like, "We Love You!" and "You're gettin' baptized!"  Ha Ha It was really fun!  Also we were supposed to have another baptism with Daniel Juarez on Sunday, but some things have come up and so we had to push it back a week or so.  Hopefully it will all workout soon.  We also have two dates set with two sisters, Neira and Mimi.  They are 16 and 17 years-old.  It's so weird cause when we go over there we all just laugh and have a good time.  I feel like I'm teaching Sammy!  It makes me miss her a lot.  But anyway tons of exciting things have been happening this week!  We have been so busy and have been riding our bikes so much!!!  I swear, when I get home I'm signing up for a bike marathon! Ha Ha Ha

Well today was a really fun Pday.  We went to the Carlsbad Caverns.  It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.  We had a member who asked if he could take us down there.  But once we were there we hiked 750 feet down into the ground.  It was pretty awesome. One if the things that the Carlsbad Caverns are know for are the bats!!  CREEPY; I KNOW RIGHT!!!!  Well we didn't hike into the "bat cave" cuz they have it all blocked off.  But they were definitely in there.  Everynight people from all over come and sit in this little ampitheater, and at dusk thousands of bats leave the cave.  So the bats are just right there by your head.  It seems pretty creepy to me!  Not my idea of fun, but it definitely was interesting to learn about.  I will have to send you guys a picture of it!  It's so crazy!!!  So anyway that's pretty much what we did all day today.  It took two hours to drive there, then three hours to hike it.  If you are ever in the area you should definitely go!  It's definitely worth seeing!

I'm not sure what else is really new around here....Just working hard and having fun.  We have met a few crazy people lately, but that's not really news, cuz that happens all the time here in Roswell. Ha Ha Ha

So I guess I never really told you about our apartment, but It's really nice.  It is more like a little town home.  We have a garage, and two rooms, a pretty big kitchen and living room.  It's also in a really nice area!!

Conference was great I loved it and took tons of notes.

Well I have to run, but I will write home soon! Love you guys!!!

Sister Tracy

Apr 7, 2011

April 7, 2011 Letter

Well this week has just been amazing!  One thing that my companion and I were really struggling with was finding new investigators.  Well we decided to fast as a companionship so that we could find people to teach.  We were driving along a super deserted road and just pulled over and prayed right there, and then to start our fast.  Well that was on Monday and since then we have had six new investigators!!  I LOVE FASTING!!  Even those that we were already teaching have started to progress so much!!!  We have two baptisms that should be going through next Saturday and two for April 30th.  They have all been coming to church. And two of the girls we taught even came to mutual!  Oh man!  It has just been so great!!!  It's starting to get really hot here, and we have been on our bikes a ton, but it has been such a blessing because we get to talk to more people and find new investigators!  I'm so thankful that I am able to serve a mission!  It really doesn't matter where you are called because the gospel is needed everywhere!  I am thankful for all of your prayers and support!  I love the letters that I get from all of you!!  I hope all is well.  I love and miss ya tons!

Love Always!

Sister Tracy

Apr 2, 2011

March 31, 2011 Letter

WOW!!!   I can't believe it's already April. (or at least, almost April!)  Time sure does just fly by!!!  So far I have loved every single second of my experience here!  We have had our share of bad and good times, but I wouldn't trade a second of it!  I know I sound like a broken record but I know this is exactly where I need to be right now!!   It's crazy how the Lord knows exactly what we need, ever before we ever realize it!
This last week has been really good!  I've gotten a new sense of enthusiasm!!  My companion and I have set some awesome goals and we are just not letting anything get us down!  It's amazing having someone to lean on during the good and bad times.  We are able to support and encourage each other in everything we do!  I'm so thankful for Sister Robinson!  I don't know how I'd do it without her!   This week was big of coarse just because we finally got a house!!  We where officially homeless for a month, but we were finally able to move into our new apartment last Friday!!!  It feels so great to finally be able to settle down and get back on track!  It is a pretty big place.  Two bedrooms and a big living room!  We even have a garage!  It is really nice, and we just don't even know what to do with all of the space! :)

Last Pday we went to the Roswell Zoo!  It wasn't the best ever but for how small Roswell is, I was pretty impressed! Ha Ha I LOVE THE ZOO!!  It just felt like we were little kids again running around and getting all excited about the monkeys and Leopards!!!!

We were also able to start teaching a few new families this week!  One of our new investigators names is Kaylee.  She is about to turn 9, and her grandparents really want her to get baptized!  I got to go to primary with her last Sunday and it was so much fun!  I love little kids so much!  They are just innocent and have such strong desires to do what is right!  They all are just trying so hard to do what is right!  Our world with be so much better if we would all just try to be more like them!

This week was just great for two reasons!  First off, Cheryl Sales got interviewed for her baptismal date and she is good to go!!! :) She has gone over two weeks without smoking now and is so excited to get baptized!!  Words just can't describe how much I love this Woman!!!   I can't wait for her to be baptized!  Her original date was set for the 9th, but her whole family really wants to come.  They aren't all members and so we are so excited that they are all so supportive of her.  Anyway, they are going out of town that day, so we have to push it back a week, but we are still so excited for her!!!!  The second amazing thing that happened was that I set a baptismal date!  So far Sister Robinson has been the one to ask everyone, but last Friday I set one with a boy named Daniel.  It's the first one I've done all on my own!!! :)  He came to church last week and said he just loved it!  He has been reading a ton from the Book of Mormon and says he knows it's true.  He will tell us all these stories about the people who feed him anti about the church and how he totally defends us, and says he knows their comments are so dumb and they have no clue what they are talking about! Ha Ha I'm so excited for him.  We also set his date for the 16th.  We are so excited for both of them!  The work is really starting to come along.  It's amazing how the Lord blesses us when we start to be more obedient and really try to strengthen of faith in finding.

In Alma 21, in the Book of Mormon, it talks about Aaron and his brethren.  They go forth to teach the gospel to the Amalekites.  They are then imprisoned.  The people have rejected their words, and yet they don't loose their faith.  It says that they suffered many things, but the second they got out they went straight back into the city and began preaching!  They knew how important it was, and so nothing could stop them! Eventually many people listened to them and many believed on their words.  I think many times that's how life is. We try to do what is right and then the bad comes.  But during those bad times we can not loose our faith!  If we just keep persevering God will eventually bless us and we can have great success in our lives!  I love you all so much!  I pray for you and wish you all the best!  Don't give up and keep going!  I know the Lord strengthens us in our adversities!


Sister Tracy