Mar 28, 2011

March 24, 2011 Letter

So today has been my official two month mark of being in the field!!!  It's so crazy to even think about!!!  Just 16 more months to go! Ha Ha  This week has been good so far.  Some days were kind of slow but some days were just great!  We didn't end up having a baptism this last weekend.  She got really sick and so she hasn't been coming to church.  Seems like we are going to have to hold off on her for a while.  But on a better note we set three baptismal dates on Sunday!!!  Can you say best day ever!!!!

The first two dates are with a set of sisters, Mimi and Neira.  They are both in high school and remind me of Samantha back home.  We set their date for April 16, 2011.  They both know that this church is true and want to get baptized. The only tricky thing is getting them to church because they work and so they don't know if they can get it off.  We'll just have to keep praying for them!

The second date we set is with Cheryl Sales!  I seriously love this woman so much!  She has a kind of crazy story.  In the 70's she got baptized, but couldn't remember ever getting confirmed.  Well because they have to go hand in hand, if you're not confirmed after baptism you have to then be re-baptized.  So we searched and searched the records for her but she isn't there.  So we set a date for her to get baptized on April 9!  Hope's Birthday!!! :)  She has been smoking for the last 40 years, so we had to help her quit smoking.  Her last cigarette was last Wednesday when we re-taught her about the word of wisdom!  Since then she hasn't had even one!  We have seen her everyday since then and you can just see how much happier each day that we go see her!  Her family is so supportive and we have all become so close with all of them!  I am just so excited about her baptism.  Most likely she will be the first person who I'll get to see get baptized.

Other then that the work is just coming right along. We have been riding our bikes a lot.  I'm starting to get pretty tan! :)  Summer is definitely on it's way!  I am so excited for Conference which is coming up here very quickly!  There is just something about conference that really touches my heart!!  I hope all of you take the time out of your weekend to listen to the prophet's counsel!  I know that what they have to say can really touch our lives!!!  I hope you know that I love you all so much and miss ya!  I miss ya, but the mission is the best thing I think I ever could have chosen to do!  I wouldn't give up this experience for anything or anyone!  I know that God blesses us for doing what he asks of us!  Know that I pray for you everyday!

Sister Tracy

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