Jan 11, 2011

First Letter!

So it is my second day here at the MTC and so far it has been great!!  The second I walked in this place you could just feel the spirit so strongly!!!  Everyone is so genuinely happy and I know it's because we are all so close to God.  As my host sister was taking me around, she yelled down the hall. "There are your roommates!"  They came running towards me and gave me the biggest hug ever!!!!  They are so cute!!  They are both from Fiji!!  They are both going to Madagascar which seems so fun!  We also have two other sisters in my room. They are both going to Riverside California.  My companion's name is Sister Hamaker.  She is from Northern California.  She is a very loving girl.  Today they gave us a chance to email, even though it's not our p-day.  My email account was not working at all!!  I seriously was about to cry. :(  Anyway our time completely ran out and she was just so willing to switch around our schedule to find out how to fix it, just because she knew it meant a lot to me.  I can tell that we will get along great together for the next three weeks.  Our first day here was so crazy, but I loved it!!  There is so much to learn, but I can't even wait!  As we were sitting in our first meeting with all the new missionaries, I just had an overwhelming feeling of knowing this is exactly where I need to be!!!!  I can't even wait to get out on the field and start to really teach!!  I'm scared, but I am just so excited to share the gospel with everyone I possibly can!!!!  We have classes all day..I know dad wanted a breakdown of how the day goes so here is a rough draft. (P.S. this first week is a little different then how it will be everyday, but you'll get an idea...)
6:00 am-wake up
6:30 am-personal study/room devotionals
7:00 am-district study (P.S. I LOVE my district!!)
7:45 am-breakfast
8:15 am-Class with Brother Rudd
10:00 am-LGM
11:00 am-Gym
12:30 pm-Lunch
1:15 pm-Class with Brother Vallett
4:30 pm-personal study
5:30 pm-Dinner
6:15 pm-Comp. Study
7:30 pm-MDTT/Workshops
9:00 pm-District Planning
9:30 pm-return to dorms
10:00 pm-room devotional
10:15 pm-quite time
10:30 pm-Lights Out
Anyway as you can see Life here at the MTC is super busy!!!  I have already learned so much!  I love that we can seriously just bear our testimonies at any point of the day, to anyone and they are ready and so happy to listen to you!  Hearing the faith of everyone else around me really has started to build me up!  I'm sure I will have rough times but so far I feel like I could keep doing this everyday, every year, for the rest of my life!  I love this gospel so much and am so thankful that I was given this opportunity to serve!!  I know Christ died for us and atoned for our sins.  I know that if it wasn't for him we wouldn't ever be able to return and live with our Heavenly Father.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and as I start to read it more often I know that it really does guide our lives and gives us direction!!!!  I know Joseph Smith really was a true prophet of God!  I love president Monson and know he will never lead us astray!!!  I love all of you so much and am so thankfully for your support!!!!  I miss all of you, but time really will fly by!  i can't wait to talk to you soon!   Love you forever!!!

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