Jan 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

Well the MTC is just amazing!!!!  I really love it here so much!  So much has happened in the last week and I don't know where to even start!  My companion and I still get along great!  We haven't had any issues at all!  I love her so much and couldn't have gotten a better companion.  Things here at the MTC are pretty busy because we are getting a new MTC Mission President!  They have had apostles here all week trying to train our new president, so rooms have been blocked off and it can get pretty confusing. I have decided to put my singing talent to the test ;) so my companion and I joined the Chior.  There are not very many sisters in the choir so it can get kind of scary performing for everyone.  On Tuesday nights we always have a devotional!  And for my first devotional here we were able to see Elder Jeffery R. Holland!!!  I was so scared to sing for him, because this was my first ever chior performance!!  And it was for a prophet!!!  They even had a close up of me on the video projector!!   To say the least, I think it ended up okay. ha ha   Elder Holland's message was one that i think has changed the life ever everyone that heard it!!!  It was the most powerful message I have ever heard.  He talked about how many missionaries were coming home from serving and then were falling away from the church.  He pretty much told us that we needed to convert ourselves before we could ever convert anyone else!!  He told us the things we needed to work on and then he told us the story of Peter.  When Christ was resurrected, and he asked peter, "Do you love me." Peter answered with the same reply of "Yes" everytime.  Christ repeated this question two more times, with peters same reply following.  Elder Holland then asked us, FOR HOW LONG!!!  How long do you love him.  For two years?  18 Months?  Untill times get hard?  NO, We must always love him for time and all eternity!!  Our call to bring others to Christ is never over!!!! 

I don't think that there was one dry eye in the room!  I know that this one message, although it may not sound all that amazing to you, has changed my life forever!!!  I love the gospel so much and am thankful for the joy it brings into my life!!!  I can't wait to get out on the field to teach all those that I meet!!  I miss all of you so much, and pray for you everyday!  I am so lucky to have the support of amazing friends and family!!!!  Love you forever!!

Sister Tracy!!

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