Feb 17, 2011

February 17, 2011 - Letter

Oh man!!!   I can't believe how fast time goes by!!!  I'm with Mitchell when he says that time is just flying by!  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what we even did in the mornings, but then I realize a whole week has gone by!!!  I can't believe February is almost over!!!  A lot has happened in the last week!  We got another Baptismal date yesterday!! YAY  :)  Her name is Carlynn Sisk!!!   She is an older lady that we ran into a few weeks ago.  She is such a sweetheart and tells us how she has felt such an amazing difference in her life ever since we started coming to teach her.  She is planning to get baptized on March 12th.  We still have tons to teach her, but I know that eventually she will get baptized, even if it's not on the date we have set right now. 

This week has been good on many things.  We have two baptismal dates set, and have gotten many new investigators but we have also had a few really rough days!   I have heard all the "Mormon" rumors about how we don't cut our hair and how we are polygamists, but I have started hearing other things that I had never heard before.  Like how we don't get to choose who we marry, and that they ex communicate us from the church if we don't marry someone of the same faith.  Just silly things.  None of those things ever get to me, but yesterday we had a crazy experience!!  For Confidentiality, we will call this man, "Joe" Joe was referred to us by a member in the ward.  Every week there is a Book of Mormon institute class that the ward holds and I guess Joe showed up.  He had many questions about the bible and so they referred him to us.  We went over and within seconds we realized that he was very well versed in is biblical knowledge!  We told him straight up that we weren't scholars but that we would try the best we could to answer his questions.  He would ask us a question about why we think we have to get baptized.  If there is more then one god, if Jesus is the same in the book of Mormon and the bible. We tried the best we could to answer his questions and to find the proof he was looking for.  This happened for a little over an hour.  We then told him we'd love to come back but we had to run to another appointment.  Well he refused to let us leave!!!  He told us that our prophets had said that the Jesus in the Book of Mormon is a different Jesus in the Bible.  Within second it switched from him "wanting to learn more" to telling us how wrong we were and trying to tell us we knew nothing.  He said he found the article where the prophets said that.  Then he ran to get the article when he came back he was on the phone with his ex-Mormon friend.  He started yelling at us through the phone,  Talking about the temples, and other things like that.  About how wrong we were and how we were such liars.  The whole time we stayed very calm and nice.  Well in the end many things were said and debated.  He told me that there were demons inside me and that I was being deceived.  Ha Ha Through it all, i saw how strong my testimony really has become.  You say you have a testimony till you really have to put it to the test!  I know with a surety that this is the true church today!  I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that we have living prophets today!!  I would just say to you that you never let anything shake your testimonies!!!  Stand up for what you believe and don't let the world tell you otherwise!!!

I love you all so much, and would just tell you to hold strong to what you know to be true!

Love forever,

Sister Tracy!

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