Feb 24, 2011

February 24, 2011 Letter

Oh man this week has flown by so fast!!!   I feel like so much has happened.  First and for most we set another baptismal date!!!!  Here name is Marie Ramos!  She is just this cute little lady! She heard about the gospel years ago, but then became very sick.  While she was sick her husband scared the missionaries away. She went years without hearing from the missionaries.  One day I was going through old teaching records and found her and suggested we check to see if she still lived in town.  Well we stopped by, her anry husband had passed away, and she was so excited to see us!  We taught her a few lessons and then asked her if she would get baptized.  She promptly said, "Yeah...I'll go put it on my Calender."  Ha Ha she is so cute I just love her!!! 

Our date with Bro. Parks fell through, so he won't be getting baptized on Saturday.  He is so close though and so we are hoping for maybe the 5th.I think he is just waiting for a "lightning bolt" answer.  We just need to give him time, I know he is so close and I am sure he will get baptized in the next month.

This week we have been asked to not ride in our cars until after dark.  This means BIKES all day long!!!  Let me tell you...it is quite the adventure riding a bike in a skirt!  I may or may not have flashed Roswell a number of times this week.  Opps. Ha Ha. Luckily I went and got some longer skirts and some shorts to wear under my skirts, so hopefully I can keep everything covered up this week. :) It has also been about 70 degrees everyday this week.  I have some pretty sick tan lines!!!  Who knew you could get so burnt in February?!  I think sun screen is going to become my best friend very quickly!!!  The plus about being on bikes is that you get the opportunity to talk to so many different people!!  We have met so many people who are just straight up crazy!  But I love it!  I love sharing the gospel with everyone.  In real life it's hard to share it with everyone, but here it's my job and so I can go all out and tell people everything! :)

Although it's been a great week, we have still had to deal with a lot of "Anti."  There was one night where we went to visit and old lady from our ward.  We had parked across the street on a public road, not in front of any ones house, but when we were finished with our appointment we saw that our car had been boxed in.  You literally couldn't fit even one finger in between our car and theirs.  We saw some people looking out the window, so we walked up to the house to ask them to move their cars.  Low and Behold, our hater friend from last week comes to the door.  He started to harass us and kept saying, "are you really still Mormons?"  Him and his six other gang friends were with him.  Finally we just told them that we WERE going to leave and that they WOULD move their cars!!!  Eventually they let us go, but is frustrating to know that this group of "Street Preachers" knows what our car looks like and that they are constantly trying to break our faith down.  It's these little things that makes you really appreciate and realize how important the gospel is in your life.  You don't realize how strong your testimony really is until you have to put it to the test!  Luckily we haven't run into them since that incident, but if we do I know that we will be able to stand our ground and defend ourselves and the faith.

It's so weird to think that next week I'll have been out here for two months.  Time really does just fly by!  One think that I have been trying to work on a lot is that of trying to be a "servant, and not a worker." That is kind of the saying out here on the Field.  Many times we do what we are supposed to, but it becomes a chore and we only do it because we know we are supposed to. That is when we become a worker.  To become a servant we must have that strong desire to serve with our hearts, and not just because we have to.  When we want to serve because we know it's what we love and because we love God things become so much easier!  My hope is that all of you can find something in your life that you can make a little bit better.  I hope you can all try to become servants rather then workers! :)  I love you all so much!  My prayers are still with you!  I think of you all the time and hope that life is amazing for each of you!  I miss you and hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Sister Tracy!

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