May 30, 2011

May 26, 2011 Letter

Well I don't have tons of exciting news to share with you this week.  It has definitely been a long one!  Each month we are allotted a certain amount of miles.  Well this month we look a trip to Lubbock, which used up a lot of our miles.  Well we had used up all of our miles last Friday.  So needless to say we have been on our bikes all day, everyday.  It's pretty hot, but it's okay.  I actually really like to bike.  Some times it can get tricky in a skirt, but we usually do okay. It also helps keep us in shape.

Well this is the last week of the transfer. It's crazy how fast time is flying by.  I only get to serve for 13 transfers so I only have like 9 left!  It's really stressing me out.  Both of my companions right now go home next transfer and so they are stressed out like crazy!  Neither of them want to go home, and I think their anxiety is starting to wear off on me.  I still have over a year, but I can tell that I don't think I will ever be ready to leave.  Well...needless to say, this could be my last week here in Roswell.  I'll let you know next Thursday where I am.

This weekend we are hoping to have a baptism with Mimi Reyes.  She had to go out of town unexpectedly and so she hasn't been interviewed yet.  We haven't even been able to get a hold of her.  Right now our fingers are just crossed hoping that it can go through this weekend so that we can all still be here to watch it happen.

Well the work has been going good so far!   I just love it tons.  Thanks for all the letters and packages.  I miss you tons and can't wait to hear back from you!  Hope all is going well!!!

Love Always

Sister Tracy

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