Nov 10, 2011

October 27, 2011

Another week has come and gone.  It's been good, but now it's really cold!   It started raining last night, and there are rumors that it is going to snow soon too.  I'm freezing!    I can't wait till summer comes back and it's back to the 100s!!!   I hate the cold so much!  Ha Ha Oh well, that's life for you. 

This week we found an awesome family.  They all live in this little trailer.  There is two different families living there.  Each has 4 kids.  Plus the grandma stays there occasionally as well as one of the nephews.  So in total there are 13 people living there.  They have been through so much in their lives, but they are just great.  The kids are so excited to learn about the gospel and have been carrying their new Book of Mormons around everywhere since we gave it to them.  It makes me really appreciate what I have in life.  They really don't have very much, but the have each other and they realize that that's all they really need.

Oh and we also have been teaching the Davis family for a while.  They are so funny!  We get to see them once a week.  The mom and younger sister are members, but the 16 year old isn't.  I absolutely love this family!  They are awesome!! 

Well other then that things are going awesome!   I'm super excited for Halloween!  I will let you know if we get to do anything fun.  We might have to go home early cause of mission rules, but I'm sure we'll make it an adventure either way. 

Well I hope you all have a safe week.  I love you all tons!

Love Always,

Sister Tracy

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