Jun 16, 2011

June 16, 2011 Letter

So I absolutely love it here in Clovis, New Mexico!  The people here are so amazing.  They are all just so nice.  Plus a lot of the people we are teaching remind me of people from home.  There is a lady named Kim Schiller and she is just like Karen Hudson!  I love her a lot.  Also we are teaching a lady named Tracy Gaurdipee, and she is just like Cassie Swensons mom.  I love her too!!!  Pretty much to sum it up, I just love everyone here!!!

This week we set a date with a girl named Morgan Edwards.  The Edwards are a less-active, part-member family.  My companion Sis. Peavler has been trying to get a hold of this family for months and has had no success.  Well the other day we pulled up and the dad was sitting outside.  He was so excited to see us!  He said that he had been thinking a lot about the church lately and that he wanted his family to start coming back.  Then his 9 year old daughter came up and said, "I want to get baptized, when is the soonest we could do it?"  It was so cool!  They whole family is just awesome.  We are going to see them everyday next week to help the daughter get baptized.  We are also going to help their 14 year-old son, get the priesthood and the mom get her patriarchal blessing.  They also really want to work towards going to the temple together!  I'm so excited to see them progress.  What else is crazy is that my friend David Glover served his mission here a few years ago and taught them when the mom was just baptized.  Small world!

This week we kind of had a crazy experience.  It was just a regular night, and we both jumped into bed.  Around 12:30 am Sister Peavler woke me up and told me that our Carbon Monoxide Detector was going off like crazy.  First off, I didn't even hear it so I'm thankful that she woke up.  But of coarse we were kind of scared cause things like that don't always happen. So both of us are half asleep trying to figure out what is wrong with our detector.  We couldn't figure out how CO2 would be getting into our apartment.  So we just assumed that it would be going off cause our batteries were dead.  After messing around with it for a 15 ish minutes we decided that we were going to pack our bags and go find somewhere else to stay for the night.  We packed our bags and then decided that we would keep trying to fix the alarm.  I know it sounds like we are a bunch of really dumb girls, but neither of us wanted to leave our apartment in the middle of the night. Ha Ha. Our apartment is a little broken and not all of our outlets work and so we tried plugging it in every socket. Sometimes it would beep, other times it wouldn't.  We didn't have a bad feeling or anything so we decided that we would just pray so that we would know what we should do.  I said the prayer, and obviously didn't think it through all the way, because I prayed that Heavenly Father wouldn't let us fall asleep if we shouldn't.  So after the prayer neither of us felt bad about the situation so we just jumped back into bed.  Well neither of us slept all night because we were so paranoid.  We couldn't decide if we were tired cause it was the crack of dawn, or if it was the CO2.  Then we couldn't figure out if we weren't tired because Heavenly Father didn't want us to sleep or if it was because we were paranoid and had just walked around the house for the last hour.  Well needless to say we are still alive.  Then next day we ran out and got new batteries, and since then we haven't had any problems.  It's nice to know that God is watching out for us.

The work is going well here in Clovis!  There is a lot of potential here and I'm excited to see what happens in the near future!  I love you all so much!  Thank you for your prayers and your letters!  It means a lot!  Hope all is going well!

Love Always Sister Tracy

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