Aug 11, 2011

August 11, 2011

Sounds like things have been pretty crazy back at the Tracy home this last week.  I'm really glad to hear that Kimball is okay!  I Know God is watching out for our family!   Let me know if he has any side complications!  I'm pretty worried about him, and I'll definitely be keeping him in my prayers.

Well this week was a long one!  But still good.  We were able to set a baptismal date with the Madut family for August 27th. I'm pretty excited for them.  They all came to church on Sunday too, and they brought a friend, Naugeet, with them.  Naugeet told us that she wanted to be taught as well and that when her mom makes in to America in about a month she wants to be taught as well.  I love this family!  The ward here has done a great job fellow shipping them and making them feel welcome.  They have had to pick them up for church and mutual and stuff like that, but they are more then willing to do that!   I'm thankful for the ward support here.

I got the French and Haitian Book of Mormons that you sent me!  Thank you so much!  I have been trying to read at least a page everyday.  I can read it pretty well and can spell things.  But speaking is a whole different story.  Just a few days ago we were trying to get a hold of the Jean Family. (the Haitian family)  We called them and no one answered, their voicemail was all in french. and I'm pretty sure I went into shock mode.  Where everything I had practiced went out the door.  I left a pretty broken French message on the machine. HA Ha I don't even know if she will understand.  This week with all the foreign languages has really given me a taste of what Mitchell has been going through in Brazil.  Learning a new language is so hard, but it gets easier when God is on your side.

This week I also saw a clip of "Soul Surfer." Not on purpose of coarse, it just kind of happened, but it looked like a really good movie!  Have you guys seen in?  I saw the part where her arm gets bitten off, and it was supper intense! I can't even imagine my arm being there one second and then literally two seconds later it being gone!   How crazy would that be!?!

So dad asked about why members helping with missionary work is so important.  Member-missionary work is SO IMPORTANT!  In the mission we know that nothing happens in missionary work until we have someone to teach.  Members are the key to finding people to teach.  Missionaries can knock on doors everyday, all day, but to find the people that are truly prepared, we need the members.  When a member helps with missionary work the investigator already has a friend in the church.  Someone they can turn to who is normal and that they trust.  Members have a different look at life then missionaries sometimes do and so we need members to be with us so that they can more fully relate to investigators.  Missionaries come and go, but the ward stays the same.  The convert or investigator needs that stability so that when we leave they aren't left alone in this new world.   Cause it is a new world, with a new way of living, and even a new language.  If they don't have fellowship in the ward, their chances of becoming inactive are increased ten-fold!   Member missionary work doesn't just involve teaching people or sharing the gospel all the time.  IT really starts with being a good example and being kind to everyone.  Let everyone know what your standards are, but don't be judgemental or proud.  Be humble and love all those you meet.  It's things like that that really help people to see that the gospel is something that they want and need in their lives. 

Also dad asked about playing the piano.  I don't really have to play a whole lot.  Every once in a while we will if no one shows up at church.  Which has happened a few times. but for the most part I'm off the hook.

Well I guess that's about it for today!  I hope everything is going well back home!   I love you all so very much!  Make sure you all keep praying and reading your scriptures!  You're the best ever!

Love Always,

Sister Tracy

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