Aug 18, 2011

August 18, 2011 Letter

Oh man so today was super crazy!!!  For Pday we went to Palo Duro Canyon.  It is the second largest one in the country.  We biked it...and let me just say that it was INTENSE!!!   This was not your typical little bike drive. We literally were biking down-straight down a mountain!!  I don't know why we thought we could do it, but it was pretty rough.  Last transfer the elders went and one of them got a pretty bad concussion. Ha Ha Yeah, so we were smart and wanted to do it again.  I flew off twice and ripped up my legs again, but hey, "If you don't bif it, it wasn't a good ride."  :)  I ended up having to walk most of it because my companion got sick and had heat stroke.  I think it would be fun to do it again, but to make sure everyone had enough water and make sure they were physically fit.  I also broke my bike.   Not too bad, I can still ride it, but the pedals are all sorts of messed up.  It should be an easy fix, but still sad.

This week has been a pretty awesome one!  We have a baptism coming up this Sunday for Sara Salinas!  We are super excited for her and have just been trying to get everything ready for that.  There is a lot that goes into planning a baptism and this is my first one as senior companion, having to plan all of it, so it's been stressful, but good!

We also have three baptisms next week with Mary, Dominic, and James Madut.  The ward has been so great at helping us with them.  They don't have a car, but yet the members have picked them up every Sunday and also for other activities through out the week.  We haven't been able to see Naugeet, but the rest of the family is doing awesome.

So we haven't been able to teach the french families yet, but we have talked on the phone a bit.  My French is soooo broken!  It's been really hard, but I feel so luck to be able to have had this opportunity to use French in Texas!

This is also the last week of the transfer so we have been busy making sure everything is organized and that all our info is written down in the Area Book. We aren't sure what is going to happen but just FYI I could be somewhere else next week.  I personally think that I will stay.  I think both of us will stay here, but you really just never know!

Life here in the mission is so great!  We have been staying busy and just loving life.  I love all of the letters that I get from everyone!  You really just don't know what it's like to get mail from home!  We LOVE it!     Well I hope all of you know how much I love you!  You are all so amazing and I'm so thankful that I have such supportive and loving friends and family.  You are all in my prayers.  Hopefully everything is going well back home.   I love you all a ton!

Love Always,

Sister Tracy

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