Aug 1, 2011

July 28, 2011 Letter

Okay so here's a crazy thought, I will offically be home in less then a year!  How crazy is that!  Time just goes by so quick. It stresses me out.

Well this week has been a good one.  We have been really busy and have spent a lot of time just trying to go through our area book and see a lot of the former investigators.  So far it has been pretty slow.  It's good though, cause we have met lots of really cool people and some really crazy people too!   This week was a pretty cool one because it actually rained!!!   Sister Hamaker and I were out in the middle of no where getto when it started.  We were out in what would be the equivalent to "the projects."  It was kind of a sketch neighborhood, but we decided to walk around anyway.  It started to rain and we got got in it.  It was pretty awesome I love the rain.  But the best part was that we got a new investigator!  We are going to see her tomorrow, so hopefully that all goes well.

Okay and on Saturday LuAnn got baptized!!!!  I got to call and talk to her.   It was all just really emotional.  I'm so happy to see how far she's come.  Sister peaver called me afterwards and told me that it was one of the coolest baptisms she's ever seen.  I guess when LuAnn came out of the water she just started laughing because she was so happy!  It's moments like that that just make the mission worth it.

Well this week I have been thinking a lot about how crazy the world is.  We see so many people, with such crazy lives that it just makes you sad.  It really makes me realize how important it is to be honest!!!  This week I've just seen how dishonestly ruins a lot of lives.  To put it straight forward, if you say your going to do something, then you better do it!  There are so many disfunctional relationships out here and a lot of them are all because people wouldn't be honest with each other.  All relationships would be improved if we could just be honest with each other.  And it's not just even straight up lying that I'm talking about.  It's the people who are sneaky and just aren't completely honest with their friends and loved ones.  Someone ALWAYS gets hurt when someone else isn't honest and straight forward with them.  It's just sad to see that stuff like that happens even with people in the church.  People you thought that you could trust but really they just don't love you enough to be honest with you.  It's sad.  I guess you just really have to be careful of who your friends are.  It's sad but true.  I'm with Mitchell's email, when he said that people forget how short this life really is.  We all need to focus on the things that are really Important.  It's when we forget about Jesus Christ and those basic principles he taught that our lives start to fall apart.

Well I hope you are all staying strong and having a great summer!  Let me know how things are going back home.

Love ya Always.

Sister Tracy

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